Why Go Green: Top 20 Eco Friendly Products to Sell

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What does it mean for a company to go green? The words organic, natural and eco friendly are everywhere and the market of reusable items is booming. Find out why you should make your business more environmentally friendly and what eco products are trending today in this article.

The popularity of eco friendly products is good news not only for the people concerned about ecology but for the retailers too. It is profitable to sell reusable and disposable items since most of the people today care about what they buy, use and eat, but on top of that, it also gives a nice feeling of contribution to the global environment protection.

What is Go Green?

Go Green is a famous slogan and a common name of environmental movements around the globe. It unites people who care about nature, want to produce less waste and reduce our ecological footprint on the planet. The main idea of Go Green is in use of eco friendly products, following a sustainable way of living, and, of course, in the Zero Waste concept.

Eco friendly has become a buzzword in advertisements, social media and on TV. Customers love the products with green leaves printed on, minimalistic designs and soft colors that make them think that no chemicals were used in production. However, the first and foremost is to be genuinely environmentally friendly, not just make the product look like it is organic.

Eco friendly business is the one where the decisions are made with the awareness of the consequences to nature. Use of this word makes most people believe that the product is not harmful to the environment and can be recycled. Make sure that you are telling the truth when putting this word on the packaging of your product – do not disappoint your customers and meet their expectations.

Sustainability is one of the most challenging lifestyle concepts to follow. Making your business greener is good, but making it sustainable is a much greater goal which is harder to accomplish. The product can be called sustainable only when it is made from renewable environmentally friendly resources, but besides that, the manufacturing process should also result in some environmental benefits, require minimum energy and cause no pollution.

Zero waste concept focuses on prolonging the life cycle of the purchased item. It’s a significant part of 5R formula: Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and finally, Recompost. Zero Waste activists strive to reduce the number of landfills and incinerators and communicate the idea of multifunctional usage of the products. They do not believe that recycling is an all-pervasive solution. Zero Waste is also about learning to say no to impulse and unplanned purchases and refusing single-use items, plastic packaging, and if possible, packaging at all.

At the same time, we recommend you to be careful with the sources you get information from. Since the number of eco organizations is increasing, there are also a lot of fake ones – the companies that only pretend to be environmentally concerned. Misleading the customers by claiming the company ‘bio’, ‘vegan’, ‘eco’ or so is known as greenwashing.

The market now is stuffed with so-to-say “green” companies portraying their products not to harm and even contribute to the clean nature, emphasizing their efforts in green initiatives. We hope that you will not become one of them. This is a dark-side marketing strategy that retailers should avoid all around. Many of greenwashers actually spend an incredible amount of their precious time and money on making their products look greener, that they could invest in making it genuinely environmentally friendly.

If you still think that fake eco products can be cheaper and greenwashing marketing strategy can boost your profits, you should know that today people can easily check the credibility of the “green” company online. Such websites as Greenwashing Index and Sins of Greenwashing provide this information for free. The lawsuits from the concerned customers who notice the lying label can cause much greater pain to your wallet than going green for real.

Why Should Brands Go Green?

Going green can turn from a huge problem into an excellent business solution. Promoting eco friendly products is, first of all, a great contribution to reducing the carbon footprint and helping people to uphold our role as high-minded and thoughtful stewards of the planet. But it can also make a profitable business – with the right marketing approach.

Many of your customers believe that going green implies immediately throwing away half of the closet, switching to a restrictive lifestyle and never ever again enjoying those simple things that they love. You can prove them wrong and inspire to try something new and help turn their life on the better, more sustainable path. The industry of eco products is the one where brands become more than just companies people buy from – they share their values and make customers listen.

In social media or company blog, your company can share the most useful tips, research, statistics and inspiring ideas. When more people start to listen to you and follow your advice, you can become an influencer in this industry, and certainly, it will boost the demand for your products.

Go green has already become a classy trend. Customers recognise green brands and appreciate them. The demand for eco products is high as never before, especially among Millennials and Generation Z

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